My Second 73rd Birthday . . .
My Second 73rd Birthday . . .

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? When Bill Murray keeps waking up each day with a do-over?

Well, I’m having a Groundhog Year!

Due to my error in calculation several years ago, I am once again 73. Not 74. I’ve gotten a do-over . . .

I’m celebrating my second 73rd birthday by launching my Awakening to Your Own Hero’s Journey online course.
And I’m sharing my good fortune with a Birthday Special Discount Code that will remain in effect until September 21st.

While we all may get confused about aspects of our life (How old am I really?) or worse yet, feel adrift, lost, or even imperiled — we are not “lost.”

There are guides and a map to help us get unstuck and become empowered. Joseph Campbell’s research and stories show us that people have been following this map to untangle the riddles of their personal journeys for over 4000 years.

I had no idea how much my life would change the day I signed up for courses in Mythology and World Theatre my freshman year in college. Learning about the Hero’s Journey in the early 60’s opened a whole new world for me. 

What I know from my own experience is that no matter what challenges we face, when we tap into the mythic power of the Hero’s Journey we feel connected to a long line of heroes, heroes who have struggled just like us to succeed in their quests. And this gives us the courage to persevere.


Today I want to share the power of the Hero’s Journey with you.

I’ve written an ebook about Awakening to Your Own Hero’s Journey to provide a brief history and map of the journey and share my own experience with it.

And I got so hooked on the sheer perfection of Dorothy’s magical journey in the Wizard of Oz that I’ve spent many months creating an online course about her adventures to teach everyone how to master the Hero’s Journey. 

The purpose of the Awakening to Your Own Hero’s Journey Online Course is to give each of us the courage to become the person we were meant to be and make our own unique contribution to the world.


My “Turn Back The Clock” Birthday Gift to you is a Special Discount Code that reduces the price of my Awakening to Your Own Hero’s Journey online course to just $11.

Here’s how to get the special discount price for this amazing course that will change your life:

1. Enter your email below and hit SUBSCRIBE to get your free ebook.

2. Use the link on page 23 to ENROLL in the Online Course.

3. Enter the BIRTHDAYSPECIAL code when you enroll.

(The coupon is good from September 11th until September 21st at 11pm)

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