Counteracting the Destructive Power of Shaming: The Women’s March on 1.21.17
Counteracting the Destructive Power of Shaming: The Women’s March on 1.21.17

I had the good fortune some years ago to attend a training event with Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force. We spent the day exploring his Map of Consciousness — and this experience changed the way I saw the world. We learned that human beings have a range of consciousness, from being in a state of Suffering, to a state of Getting By, to a state of Flow — in effect, a progression of seeing the world from a contracted point of view to that of an expanded point of view.

What we have experienced during the world-wide Women’s Marches on January 21 seems to me that they may be instigating a significant movement from a Contracted to an Expanded view of the world.

Let’s explore this idea further by taking a closer look at David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness

Helplessness results from being stuck in Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, and Fear. Many of us have experienced these emotions at some point in our lives, and we know how stuck we can be when we are here.

At some point we develop a bit of Hope and a Desire for change. This will often bring Anger up in us as we begin to see clearly the contracted state we find ourselves in. Self-help programs often are directed at building our self-esteem, or Pride, and encouraging us to have the Courage to change.

The problem is that at this level we are still operating from a Contracted state.

It is not until we develop a more Neutral view that we begin to develop the Willingness and Acceptance to see things as they are. When we begin to expand in this way, it opens us up to the possibility of Reason, the ability to listen, to examine alternative beliefs rather than staying stuck in our old ways of seeing the world.

And when this happens, we become open to Love — and to Joy.  Our chance of reaching Peace and Enlightenment may be limited, but many of us are able to experience what Peace feels like at times.

This understanding of the Map of Consciousness is powerful — but the story gets even better.

Dr. Hawkins teaches that as we develop our consciousness to higher levels, we will begin to counterbalance those at lower levels.

For example, one person at 300 (Neutrality – Willingness) can counterbalance 90,000 individuals who are below 200 (Pride – Anger). 

One person at 400 (Reason) counterbalances 400,000 people below 200.

And one person at 500 (Love) counterbalances 750,000 people below 200. This concept will make sense to you if you think about the effect someone like Martin Luther King or Gloria Steinhem (or Gandhi at the highest level) has had on our planet.

So how does all this relate to the Women’s March on January 21st?

Many of the people who participated in the March were probably at some level of expanded consciousness. Some were at contracted levels of consciousness, but by being in the presence of this expanded consciousness, they began opening up to the possibility of its existence.

And then after the March, the Shaming began . . .

After the March, I began seeing posts from women who were shaming the participants in the March. And I confess I felt a twinge of wanting not to be part of a group that was being shamed. I have had to work hard to free myself of the bonds of shaming, and I am still vulnerable to it.

But then I looked at all the pictures I had shared on Facebook of the March in so many cities around the world. The sheer magnitude of what these pictures depicted acted like a powerful Shame Deflecting Shield.

I thought about my many friends who participated in the marches. I thought about how good it felt to see women from all over the world share their stories on posters, stories that shame had kept them from sharing — and to see the outpouring of Acceptance and Love from the other women in the march.

And then women who had marched began writing to the women who were doing the shaming. And they did this not to shame those women, but to explain why they were marching, and to offer the thought that if the woman who was doing the shaming should fall from her position of power, what the marchers were doing was speaking up for the rights of all people, including the rights of the woman doing the shaming.

Watching the impact of the Women’s March has been incredibly powerful. It has filled me with Love, which creates, in theory anyway, the possibility for me to bring with me 750,000 people who are still at the Courage level of 200.  

We need Courage for the times ahead, but we need Love even more, to help support women who are beginning to experience further shifts in their consciousness.

Disclaimer:  This post reflects my somewhat limited interpretation of Dr. David Hawkins work.  I have not studied his work extensively, and would encourage anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of it to read his book Power vs Force.

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