In Which Tigger is Unbounced . . .

Meet Amelia, who has been driving me crazy the past few weeks. She is much too bouncy, being a kitten with all the endless energy and curiosity that kittendom brings with it. Some months ago, I lost my beautiful soulmate cat Mombasa, and after grieving deeply for her, we decided it might be a good idea to get a kitten […]

An empowering survival strategy for these times . . .

I was watching a video in which Rick Hansen, neuropsychologist and author of the books Buddha’s Brain and One Good Thing, explained it wasn’t my fault that I focused more on negative thoughts than positive ones. It seems that the ancient part of our brains has a negativity bias, just like the antelopes in the African savannah. […]

Counteracting the Destructive Power of Shaming: The Women’s March on 1.21.17

I had the good fortune some years ago to attend a training event with Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force. We spent the day exploring his Map of Consciousness — and this experience changed the way I saw the world. We learned that human beings have a range of consciousness, from being in a state of […]

Awakening Your Hero’s Journey

I had no idea how much my life would change the day I signed up for courses in Mythology and World Theatre my freshman year in college. Learning about the Hero’s Journey in the early 60’s opened a whole new world for me. Now, looking back over my life, I see that what I presumed was just sheer […]

Confessions of a Meditator

I have a confession to make. I don’t always meditate every day, even though I tell everyone they should. What happens to me is what happens to most of us. We have every intention to stop, to sit still for brief time, to just be. But life gets going, we get revved up, and the day […]