Awakening Your Hero’s Journey
Awakening Your Hero’s Journey

I had no idea how much my life would change the day I signed up for courses in Mythology and World Theatre my freshman year in college. Learning about the Hero’s Journey in the early 60’s opened a whole new world for me. Now, looking back over my life, I see that what I presumed was just sheer will power during difficult times was really my internal compass following the path of the Hero’s Journey again and again.

What I know from my own experience is that no matter what challenges we face, when we tap into the mythic power of the Hero’s Journey we feel connected to a long line of heroes, heroes who have struggled just like us to succeed in their quests. And this gives us the courage to persevere.

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When we take responsibility for directing our life instead of feeling like we’re being tossed about by the fates — we leave our ordinary world and enter the special world of the Hero’s Journey.

And the good news is that it doesn’t matter what our challenge is. Once we master and integrate the hero’s journey into our life, we can call on it whenever we need it to turn what feels like drudgery or hopelessness into a purposeful quest filled with adventure and possibilities.


Now I want to share the power of the Hero’s Journey with you.

I’ve created a free ebook about Awakening Your Hero’s Journey: Invoking the Power of Myth to give you a brief history and map of the journey, share my experience with it, and show you how you can join us in awakening your own Hero’s Journey.

Last year I got hooked on the sheer perfection of Dorothy’s magical journey in the Wizard of Oz and decided to create an online course about her adventures to help you master the hero’s journey. 

Learning to invoke the power of myth that is the Hero’s Journey, going through the stages of the journey, and sharing your adventure with others will provide you with a map, tools, and intimate knowledge of the Hero’s Journey. And this will serve you well no matter what adventures you face in your future.

The purpose of Awakening Your Hero’s Journey is to give you the courage to become the person you are meant to be so you can make your own unique contribution to the world.


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